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Check Out Our Selection of KHS Bikes

Did you know that we are a supplier of KHS Lifestyle and Performance bikes? 

 As an American-based company founded in 1974 and a global leader in creating bicycles of performance, quality and value, KHS is a leader in road, track, mountain, tandem, folding, cruiser, and youth bicycles. Its mission is to design, manufacture and distribute moderately priced and high quality bicycles and accessories. Involvement in competitive racing gives KHS a wealth of research and development that translates into producing higher quality, higher performing and better value bicycles. KHS applies its history of technological innovations to materials engineering, patented designs, component refinement, and comfort technology. 

Stop by the store today to check out all the latest KHS 2013 models. Let us fit you for your new favorite bike today!

Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,

Matt & Julie

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