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"How to Plan a Season" and New Computrainer Sessions

A few of you missed our free cycling clinic last week, so here's a brief breakdown of what we discussed regarding the 

Annual Training Plan (ATP):

The primary purpose of creating an ATP is to identify your top competitive events for the year so that you can ensure complete physical and mental readiness. A good ATP will provide you with a visual format you can refer to throughout your season thereby allowing you to focus on your personal fitness goals much more effectively.

For optimal success, your training must become more purposeful and specific the closer you get to your event. A planned pattern of alternating stress and recovery must be followed in order to avoid over training and potential injury. 

A highly experienced professional coach will help you select the proper periodization model for planning each workout while setting your weekly and annual training volume goals. Logging each training session is extremely important and your coach will help you identify the best downloadable tools and advanced technological devices such as...

 The Racermate Computrainer

We're excited to share that due to extreme popularity, we've just added a THIRD Computrainer. In order to accommodate all cyclists' work, school and training schedules, we are also now offering extended store hours (by appointment only) on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and on Wednesday mornings. 

Give us a call today to schedule your personal Computrainer session: 561.842.2453

Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,

Matt & Julie

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