Bicycle Fitting

On-road or off, casually or competitively; bicycling is more comfortable and efficient when your bike is adjusted to fit your body. In addition, as you progress and develop as a cyclist your needs may change and require fine-tuning. Cycling is fun, and you should not be in any pain or discomfort. If your bike is uncomfortable in any way, please come in any time for a free consultation.
We utilize fitting tools and equipment from some of the most respected names in the business: Calfee Designs, Sidas, BikeFit Systems, Speedplay, Ergon, and Sole Custom Footbeds.
Every bike we sell is sized and adjusted properly.  With every complete road, cyclocross, or time trial / triathlon bike purchased we will offer the customer a free Bicycle Fitting.  It should also be noted that in order to obtain the optimum fitting bicycle some related parts and accessories (handlebar, saddle, stem, seatpost) may need to be changed, even on a brand new bike.  It is in our best interest to make sure you are fitted perfectly, so we'll give you 25% off those fitting related parts.
We offer the following fitting services by appointment:
Standard Fit Analysis and Adjustment - $90-150.00*
Our trained staff has performed thousands of fits over the years. Experience, passion, and attention to detail coupled with excellent tools and a dedicated fitting area means you get the best fit possible. Any cyclist can benefit from our fitting service, and our fitting is good to you for as long as your own your bike. This is the first step towards a long-term relationship with us. Get a new saddle? New shoes? Experiencing a new ache or pain? No problem, just set an appointment and we'll take care of it.
This fitting service can take up to two hours, and by appointment only. Step one is to discuss your historic, and future experiences with cycling. We want to get to know you, understand your goals, and what you'd like to achieve with the fitting. We'll also discuss your current bike, or any other bike you have spent time riding. We'll also discuss any health conditions you may have, and how they will affect your riding position.
Once we've learned about what makes you tick, we'll take some simple body measurements and measurements of your bicycle. Now its time to warm up on the stationary trainer, and we'll start making changes to your bike. We'll keep the conversation going throughout the session, and we'll happily explain in detail what we are doing and why. 
*Due to the additional adjustments required for a time trial/triathlon bike, or road bike with aero bar clip-ons, there can be extra charges.
Seat Height Adjustment Service - $50.00
If you're not sure if you want or need our complete fitting services, perhaps you're a good candidate for our seat height adjustment. One of our fitting professionals will take a look at your current bike setup, and make as many necessary adjustments to enhance your comfort and efficiency. However, at the core of this service is your saddle height. We use a combination of methods to arrive at your individual saddle height.  If applicable, we may have you ride a stationary trainer.  This service is especially important for someone in the planning stages of a new bike purchase, or borrowing a bike temporarily.