Locals Corner

Repair Service

Our service managers recommend a "Check-Over" every 250 miles and a "Basic Tune" every 400 - 600 miles. The "Check-Over" service is included in the purchase price of our bicycles for 1 year. We make every effort to provide the fastest service possible, however we ask for 3 days minimum. Appointments are available. Any accessories purchased at this time will be installed free of labor charge.  View our labor rates and service packages here.

Cycling Club

Thank you for your interest in our club. We welcome both recreational and racing members. Your participation will strengthen our network of friends, teammates, sponsors, and riding partners thus creating a better program for all!

Workout/Ride Schedule

We take training seriously.  Plus, you can never have too many opportunities to ride your bike.  Often we host training camps, group sessions, and even "flip flop" rides.  Check our calendar for the most up-to-date information.