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Upgrading Your Bike? Get the Right Wheels.

Looking for an upgrade? If purchasing a new bike is not in your budget at the moment, a new set of wheels may be the answer. New wheels are a great way to pick up some time in races and improve performance on long rides. If you think about it, the most important part of a bike should be the wheels, right? Lighter, faster wheels can drastically reduce the strain on your legs, resulting in more speed, and a more enjoyable experience overall.

Most people ask, “Will I really feel a difference in replacing my wheels?” The answer is a resounding "YES." From the moment you push down on the pedal, you can feel a difference. The wheel glides easier, turning faster and spinning longer.

For example, look at mountain bike wheels compared to road bike wheels. Road bike wheels are significantly thinner, and lighter, making it easier to pedal and reach faster speeds. While the frame of a road bike and mountain bike may be different, the majority of the weight difference lies in the wheels. The wheels themselves make them totally different bikes. Applying a similar train of thought, trading in your old set of wheels for a new set could feel like upgrading from a mountain bike to a road bike.

So, let’s simplify this decision, here are five reasons to upgrade your wheels:

  1. Reduce the overall weight of your bike
  2. Helps you pick up time in races
  3. Reduce strain on your legs
  4. Allow you to save money rather than having to buy a totally new bike
  5. They just look cool; I mean look at these (courtesy of Julie)

So now you have options, and here’s another one. If you don’t feel like you’re ready to commit to a new set of wheels, visit us at On Your Mark and we’ll let you rent a set, whether it’s for a race or just to try them out. The good news is that if you’re looking to improve your bike, there are plenty of choices available, and we’re here to provide you with the tools to do it.

Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,


Matt & Julie

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