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Join us on Sunday, November 3rd immediately following our OYM Club Ride for another exciting Yoga event to benefit The SMART Ride! Donations will be accepted for Team Palm Beach Bike Jockeys. Right now, our team is in second place overall with the 2013 fundraising efforts, and we're almost out of time...

So, let's get those donations cranking and win this thing! This year's ride is November 15 - 16th. 

Last month, over 30 folks attended our first Yoga class conducted by Kula Yoga Shala. We had a blast!

We'd love to get your input if you attended. Since we're expecting another big crowd, we might move things outside weather permitting. Be sure to bring your mats, towels and plenty of water. Just call the store if you have any questions, OK?


Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,

Matt & Julie





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