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Stay Sun Safe

We found a great article on the Ironman website about sunscreen that you might want to check out.

In short, you gotta wear sunscreen. Period. No arguments. Wear it every time you ride. No excuses.

Here in the ruthless South Florida sun, a minimal SPF of 30 is desired with an SPF 50 even better to block out approximately 98% of cancer causing rays. Make sure you apply a sweat or water-resistant sports formulated sunscreen (not a pore-clogging "sun block"). Re-apply at least every two hours. Put about two ounces on at home and be sure to bring it with you for longer rides as you will sweat it off.

Want to stay even more protected and cool on your ride? After you put on sunscreen, pull on a set of our arm, knee or leg sleeves. These are UPF 50 rated to protect you against sun burn - but not skin cancer - so you still have to wear sunscreen under them. We have great color options in the Desoto and Sol Skin by Voler lines of sun sleeves so come in and try some on today. They're pretty slick. 

Check out our cute little beanies, too!

Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,

Matt & Julie

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