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Top TWELVE Holiday Gifts for Cyclists

 Happy 12/12/12 Day!

Hey, how's that Holiday gift list of yours coming along? Are you cruising right through it, or have you hit a giant rock in the road? 

No pressure, but did you realize that as of TODAY there are only TWELVE shopping days left until Christmas? 


Relax, gang, you've been "spared." We know you are "tire-ed" of it all. We have everything in the store and in-stock for your favorite cycling relative, your non-wheeled co-worker or even a very deserving shopper. 

(After all, TWELVE does have "ELVE" in it, right)?

Take a look: 

Cygolite Metro Headlamp. You can't ride at night without lights, and with this light you'll light up the whole road. 420 Lumens! 100.00

 iBert Child Seat. Get the little one out on the bike too! This child seat is the best we've seen, and we've sold plenty of them. All happy customers!  110.00

Garmin 910xt Multisport Watch. The ultimate tool for any serious triathlete. 449.00

You can't go wrong with a gift certificate! Any amount!

Fizik Superlight Handlebar Tape. Every rider will enjoy fresh bar tape on their ride. Not only enhances the look, but protects your handlebar and shifters!  20.00

Swiftwick 12" Compression Socks. Recover faster, travel more comfortably and arrive fresh for the event. Compression socks can enhance your daily life as well. 35.00

OYM Indoor Power Program. Our athletes are experiencing increases in cycling power up to 30% and speeds up to 3 miles per hour.  Rates @ http://www.oymbike.com/pages/indoor-cycling-training

Speedsleev Retention System. Holds just about anything, anywhere. A must-have in any endurance junkie's gear bag. 25.00

Bike Transport Racks. We have a wide selection, hitch mount or trunk mount. Come have a chat with one of our technicians. Saris Freedom. 230.00

OGIO Endurance Series Bag, tons of pockets, including wet storage in an indestructible package.150.00

Trigger Point Therapy "THE GRID."  Roll out those sore areas, or use it to properly warm up before those intense training sessions. 40.00

 EK Kutt Off Belt. Up the bar at the office with this cycling themed belt. We have sprocket patterns, any many other "Off the bike" fashion items.  18.00

Love, Peace & Bicycle Grease,

Matt & Julie

(P.S. We promise to stop with the cheap Holiday humor just as soon as you come into the store).

OGIO Endurance Series Bag, Tons of pockets, including wet storage in an indestructible package.  ~150.00

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