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3 Steps to Get More From Your Workouts

Who hasnt thought they could do better or get more from their workout session or race?  There's alot to think about when training for triathlon or cycling events, but here's 3 key areas that deserve your focus.

1. Trim up the rotating weight!  I'm not talking about the weight around your waistline, rather the weight that is rotating on your bike!  Think about it... Hubs, rims, spokes, tires, tubes, pedals, chainrings, chain, crank, bottom bracket, shoes, cleats, list goes on... Regardless of what bike you have, the best bang for your buck are new wheels.  Most complete bikes come with very basic "training" wheels.  Just about any wheelset purchased aftermarket would be an upgrade to this type of wheel.  The most practical way to experience what wheels can do for you is to discuss your riding style, mechanical abilities, and budget with our staff and we can recommend some options, as well as, set up a demo.
2.  Dress the part!  This is often the most overlooked area.  Articles such as an aero helmet, or shoe covers can gain you 1-2 mph.  Shoe covers alone can gain you 5-10 seconds every 10-15 miles or so.  Of course we dont always have time to put on shoe covers, but an aero helmet is a no-brainer!  Properly sized cycling or tri tops are also very important.  If your top drags in the water, you are wasting energy, much like if your cycling top or jersey is flapping in the wind you're giving up speed.  A shoe that helps you get it on and off quickly is also something to consider.  Velcro straps instead of buckles even.  

3.  Feed the beast!  Your body is an engine, and engines need fuel.  A rule of thumb we follow: Per hour, consume 2 calories for every pound of lean muscle mass.  For example, if you weigh 200 lbs and are 20% body fat you need 320 calories per hour (200 x .8 x 2 = 320).  This formula is NOT absolute, it is merely a guideline.  Bottom line you need to be properly fueled in order to get the most out of your engine.  Consuming an adequate amount of clean burning calories before, during, and after will greatly improve the quality of your workouts.  

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