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Cycling Accidents: What You Should Know

Safety is always a huge concern to us at OYM, which is why it's important that we help provide you with this valuable information regarding injury coverage in case you happen to get into an accident out on the road. We were talking recently with Dr. Jaysen Sudnykovych, D.C. of Campbell Sports Rehab and Spine Center.

Dr. Jaysen mentioned that cyclists who have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) may not realize there have been some modifications to Florida state law in recent years.

According to The Florida Senate

The bill [Senate Bill 1860 passed in 2012] revises the provision of Personal Injury Protection medical benefits under the Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law, effective January 1, 2013. Individuals seeking PIP medical benefits are required to receive initial services and care within 14 days after the motor vehicle accident. Initial services and care are only reimbursable if lawfully provided, supervised, ordered or prescribed by a licensed physician, licensed osteopathic physician, licensed chiropractic physician, licensed dentist, or must be rendered in a hospital, a facility that owns or is owned by a hospital, or a licensed emergency transportation and treatment provider. Follow up services and care require a referral from such providers and must be consistent with the underlying medical diagnosis rendered when the individual received initial services and care.”

So, if you have PIP and you get into an accident, just make sure you visit a healthcare professional within 14 days of the incident, so that an official report of your injuries is on record. This health professional could be someone like Dr. Jaysen, your primary care physician, or even an urgent care center. Wherever you decide to go, definitely get there before the 14-day mark.

If you are cycling, our understanding is that PIP only covers your injuries when struck by a car. In Florida, PIP is linked with your car insurance. Check your auto policy to be sure.

If you don’t have car insurance, you likely don’t have PIP and could be forced to pay out-of-pocket if involved in an accident on the road especially if the motorist who struck you is uninsured. For an excellent explanation about Florida PIP and other kinds of insurance as they apply to protecting cyclists check out the Florida Cycling Law Blog

Stay safe out there!

Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,

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