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A Father's Day Reflection

This past week, I've found myself reflecting on the life of my dad and the impact he has left on me and my brother. Dad was taken from us way too soon nine years ago in a tragic hit-and-run car accident.

He was a take-charge kind of guy - a lot like my older brother, Chad. Dad served courageously in the Vietnam War and was also a loving parent and husband. Though he’d never discussed it in depth, my family decided it would've been his wish to be buried at Arlington Cemetery. We felt it was a way of honoring his patriotic service to the country he loved.

Back in April, my brother, Julie and I returned to Washington, DC to visit his gravesite for the first time since his burial. Chad and I are wired a little differently; my adventurous nature sometimes conflicts with his desire to remain within his comfort zone. On our journey, there were lots of opportunities for both of us to compromise and appreciate our unique personalities. 

This trip succeeded in drawing us closer together, bonding over the experience of paying tribute to the father we both loved so deeply. While Dad may no longer be with us, his influence in our lives is still powerful and connects our family through mysterious forces.

The upcoming holiday can be difficult for families, like mine, who have lost their fathers, but it's comforting to know that the burden of grief can be shared with those we love. As I reflect back on that special trip Chad, Julie and I shared together, I remember the fantastic patriot, friend and father we loved and all the fun we had.

Together, we continue to ride onward in the shadow of his legacy.

Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,

Matt (& Julie & Chad)

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