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Happy Earth Day, Riders! 

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We probably don't need to remind you that every single day you ride is a good day for the earth.

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The International Bicycle Fund lists sixty benefits of cycling on their website. The number one is this: "On-going use of a bicycle has virtually NO carbon footprint." Awesome.
According to the Earth Day Network...

...the Bike Capital of The World is Copenhagen:

Copenhagen has over 390 kilometers of bike lanes and is widely regarded as the bike capital of the world. The Danes are well-known for their love of cycling, and Copenhagen’s network of bike lanes is studied by other cities seeking to enhance cycling as a mode of transportation.

Cyclists in Copenhagen are saving the city 90,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually. Every day, about 789,000 miles are bicycled in Copenhagen. Thirty-six percent of the city’s residents bike to school or work. The city is looking to increase that number to 50% by building more bike lanes, widening existing lanes, creating biking-only bridges over the city’s waterways, providing more space for parking bikes, and improving safety along existing bike routes.

The city of Copenhagen clearly understands the value of biking-friendly cities. They are healthier, more environmentally-friendly, and allow for better quality of life.
Our own country is starting to wake up, too:

So get out there and enjoy the day. Cycling is good for your health, good for the earth and good for your soul.

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Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,
Matt & Julie



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