WTB Nano TCS Light FR 700c Tire

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WTB Nano TCS Light FR 700c Tire
  • 700c version of the tried and true Nano tread, and excellent choice for your gravel or cross bike
  • A 40mm rounded profile and an elevated centerline provide enough volume for lower tire pressures and a smoother ride while still reducing drag and rolling resistance
  • TCS Light: light, supple and compliant, sealant ready
  • FR: fast rolling, with WTB's Dual DNA rubber compound that optimizes efficiency, traction and durability. A firm, long-wearing centerline tread with softer side knobs
  • Race: DNA rubber (fast rolling, long wearing, high traction compound), lightweight casing and folding bead
  • Width: 40c
  • Compound: Dual DNA
  • Bead: folding