White Industries Trials Freewheel

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White Industries Trials Freewheel

the eno freewheel

The ENO freewheel is our durable single speed freewheel. Our freewheel has a long history of being durable, reliable and rebuildable. The ENO freewheel has been made rebuildable by first making everything replaceable, from the bearing and outer gear to the pawls and springs. Its is made durable and reliable by machining inner driver and outer gear case with extreamly tight tolerances resulting in a freewheel that runs concentrically so there isent tight and loose spots. A 36 point engagement system and a case hardened, nickel electro-plated outer gear case make this freewheel a perfect addition to your single speed. For trials riders or those wanting a beefier version we offer the trials freewheel with 72 points of engagement and a thicker outer gear case to withstand the rigors of a more demanding style of riding.


Cog Material:

  • Heat treated and plated 8620 steel

Cog Width:

  • All single freewheel sizes can use both 3/32” and 1/8” chains

    except 16T

  • The 16T freewheels do not have enough room below

    the teeth to allow a 1/8” chain to fully engage the teeth

    which will result in premature wear. The bearing and driver size

    do not allow us to make the base any smaller.

  • Double/DOS freewheels only accept 3/32” chains due to the spacing

    between the gears (not enough room for wider 1/8” chains)

Freewheel Types:

  • Single (the original single freewheel, 36 point engagement)

  • Trials (72 point high engagement freewheel)

  • DOS (double geared freewheel, 36 point engagement)

Freewheel Size:

  • NOTE: Locking ring colors are specific to freewheel size/type and can not be swapped

  • 16t:  blue locking ring, accommodates 3/32” chain only, Bearing size 6708

  • 17t- 23t:  red locking ring, designed for 3/32” and 1/8” chains, bearing size 6808

  • 18t,20t, 22t trials:  green locking ring, accommodates 3/32” and 1/8” chain, bearing size 6808

  • 16/18t DOS:  blue locking ring, accommodates 3/32” chain only, bearing size 6708

  • 17/19t, 20/22t DOS:  red locking ring, accommodates 3/32” chain only, bearing size 6808

All Freewheels have a Thread of:

  • (1.37x24 tpi)