White Ind. VBC Square Taper Road Crank

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White Ind. VBC Square Taper Road Crank

The VBC is our square taper road crankset.  “VBC” stands for “Variable Bolt Circle” and describes the 2X chainring system this crank was originally designed around, hence the VBC name being used for both the crank and the chainring system.  The 2X VBC chainring system is also an option on all the other cranks we make so it can be a bit confusing.  On top of that, the VBC crank can be run with a single ring so if we get down to it, calling this crank the “VBC crank” is just crazy.  Oh well.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, the VBC crank has been the go-to crank for thousands of road, track, cross, and gravel builds where riders were looking for a simple, proven system that would perform year in and year out.  It’s easy to overlook our square taper cranks these days but in reality they’re as relevant today as ever.

 Like our other cranksets, the VBC is made from U.S. sourced 2024-T6 aluminum, and can run our 1X TSR/singlespeed chainrings or 2X VBC chainrings. Run it with our BSA square taper bottom bracket and you’ve got yourself a winner.

  • Note: Chainrings and bottom bracket sold separately

  • Features:

    • Available in black anodize or polished silver

    • Extractor caps available in:

      • Anodized aluminum (black, blue, gold, pink, purple, red, and silver/clear)

      • Polished bronze

    • Lengths available:

      • 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm, and 180mm

  • Specs:

    • Fits J.I.S. square taper bottom brackets

      • Not compatible with Campy bottom brackets

    • Designed to fit 68mm/73mm BSA bottom bracket shells

    • Weight: 464g (170mm length, w/o spindle or chainring)

    • Chainline:

Square taper 

spindle length

 (ENO/VBC cranks)

1x TSR/singlespeed chainring


2X VBC chainring


(measured at halfway between rings)




 (2x set-ups not recommended on 108mm spindle)







    • Torque:

      • Chainring lockring 30 ft lbs (40 Nm)

      • Crank arms 35-40 ft lbs (48-54 Nm)

  • Tools:

    • New chainring lockrings with 3 notches and outside spline, use either:

      • Park BBT-19.2, Enduro BBT-015, or any 16 notch/44mm tool

      • White Industries LRTOOL (3 notch tool)

    • For old chainring lockrings with 3 notches only, use either:

      • Hook spanner

      • White Industries LRTOOL (3 notch tool)