Profile Design Universal Aerobar Riser Kit: 1/2" rise non-adjustable

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Riser kits increase stack height to fit a wide range of riding styles for efficient positioning; compatible with ZBS Aerobars, T Plus Carbon Series Aerobars, T Plus Aluminum Series Aerobars, Supersonic Aerobars, Sonic Aerobars, and Subsonic Aerobars.

  • The Universal Riser Kit 1/2" Non-Adjustable works with the Sonic, Supersonic, and Subsonic Aerobars but will fine-tune the armrest position
  • Kit adds 1/2" rise and is non-adjustable to stack height
  • Compatible with all Profile Design aerobars except for Century and Legacy models
  • Kit includes a pair of 1/2" risers, bolts specific to riser size, and mounting hardware