MuckyNutz Mug Guard Fender Short

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MuckyNutz Mug Guard Fender Short

Meet the MugGuard - our super snazzy mudguard for mountain bikes, and it's made from 100% recycled plastic! 

We have developed a fully functional and sharp looking piece of kit, that will compliment your ride and keep you shredding without eating dirt, whatever the trail conditions!


Available in two sizes, the MugGuard has been engineered for maximum functionality and durability, with minimum weight. 

  • Short MugGuard is 400mm long and weighs just 75g.
  • Long MugGuard is 600mm long and weighs just 105g. The extended profile offers you maximum protection against trail slop!

Both guards are compatible with 26”, 27.5’’ & 29” wheel diameters. They are designed to fit standard and boost suspension forks, and tyres up to 3”.

The MugGuard also has the potential to work as a rear guard on some frames.