Moon Orion Rear Light

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Moon Orion Rear Light

Built around an ultra bright red LED, Moon's Orion rear light is the answer to affordable rear lighting, firing out up to 50 lumens of output, for up to 53 hours at a time.

Possessing 5 different light modes, Moon's Orion features a built-in reflector, a Mode Memory function and low battery, charging and full charged indicators. Compact and lightweight, the Orion also supplies riders with side visibility, as well as being water resistant, and taking just 2 hours to fully recharge.

  Mode 1 Mode 2 Flash 1 Flash 2 Day Flash
Lumens 10 20 10 20 50
Time (Hours:Mins) 5:30 2:30 53:00 26:00 30:00
  • Ultra Bright Red LED
  • Built-In Reflector
  • Auto Safe Mode