Abus Star Combo Coil Lock 4508C/150/8

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A lightweight coil cable, the Star 4508C features a 8mm steel cable This lock is best suited to areas of low theft risk and makes a great lock for kids bikes or quick stops.  Moreover, children find colourful combination locks much more enjoyable.

The ABUS 2k Combination Dial is made of two distinct materials - the numbers aren't simply painted on - so your combination digits will never rub off and you'll have a lifetime of readability.

Nobody likes complicated installation and the Star 4508C takes it to the absolute next level of easy with its innovative SCMU bracket. It can be mounted to the bike without the use of tools in just seconds - saving you valuable time and effort. It rotates to allow the bracket to be mounted in multiple directions and easily accommodates a wide variety of frame shapes and sizes.

The lock is PVC-coated with an attractive matte finish that protects your frame's paint.