"My bike is riding great.  I've had my bike serviced by other shops, but you pay attention to the little things.  Your bicycle service is worth every penny."
     - Paul W, a senior recreational rider, surgeon.
"The best money my husband and I ever spent on our road bikes was getting a professional bike fit.  I was pretty comfortable riding on the drop bars once I got my new Trek road bike in February, but Matt was able to get me in a much better position...Based on various measurements he took of me, as part of the Wobble Naught bike fit; he ended up raising my seat, moving my seat back and lowering my handlebars. MONDO COOLNESS!!!! Now I fly all over south Florida on my road bike, and I don’t even have aerobars. COOL!!!!  Go out and get a bike fit from Matt – it will be the best money you’ve ever spent."
     - Lynn Symthe, a recreational rider/racer, freelance writer.
"I can't say for certain that I'm faster now, but I can proclaim I'm more comfortable and feel more powerful after letting Matt do his thing....I feel much more 'at the ready' and both positions have me wanting to hammer. It's hard to put into words, but it's a comfort level I haven't had before. On both my road and mountain bikes, my feet are playing a bigger role in power transfer."
     - Dean Yobbi, expert mtb racer, USA Cycling Coach

"Thank you for all the effort you put into the bike.  It has been a great experience being able to order a new TT bike,  have it dialed in to my body geometry, and just get on the bike without wondering if the bike is the right fit."  

     - Charlie Lockerson, time trial racer, landscape contractor