Get Rid of my Bike!

Store Credit Program

We take the hassle out of getting rid of your unwanted stuff, and help you turn them into the bike goods you lust.  Just drop off your items and we take the photos, do all the homework, write the listing, box and ship when the auction is over, and you now you have store credit!  You can also ship your unwanted items to us.

We have the experience and know-how on eBay and we will get top dollar for your items.  We will sell just about anything that can easily be shipped.  You name it, we've sold it; bikes, electronics, clothing, collectors items and more.  The only fees subtracted are the eBay and Paypal listing fees, which can range from 10%-20%, the rest is yours to spend in store credit.  What about cash?  We can do that for a 35% fee.

Note: This program is handled on a case by case basis, and subject to approval.  


Please stop by with your bike, or call the shop for details.