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We just received a brand-new shipment of cruisers!  Since 1960, Hang Ten has been a pioneering force in the lifestyle market of action sports.

As described on their website, each Hang Ten bike features their patented twin top tube frame with custom wood inlay, strong 3D forged drop-outs, high-rise cruiser handlebars and super soft grips and saddle – all uniquely designed to deliver a comfortable, high-quality bicycle. 

Pictured above right is the Hang Ten "Hitching Post" accessory. This integrated rear rack system can serve as a traditional rack or as a platform to swap out or combine different racking accessories to carry things like surf boards.
Other fun accessories to trick out your Hang Ten cruiser include super-soft, colorful rubber grips and front wire baskets with wood inlay that release quickly to take with you anywhere such as the beach or shopping:
We have single speed cruisers as well as 2,3 and 7-speed models. As a Hang Ten distributor, we can order whatever you'd like if you don't see it in stock (but we bet you'll find something you LOVE). 
Check out these adorable pink rims (oh my!)

We have fat tire models, too!

Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,

Matt & Julie




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