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Keeping Your Cool in a Bike Crash

Whether you’re riding alone or with a group, it’s important to understand what to do in the event of a crash. At OYM, we hear about these crashes OFTEN! Thankfully, it’s not very often that they’re serious, but if they are, it’s nice to be ready.


Here are six ways to keep yourself together after an unfortunate cycling accident:

Stay Calm

Whether you are the person who crashed or the witness, it’s important for both sides to stay calm. It’s already a stressful moment, let’s not complicate things.

Try to Stand  

Do a quick self-evaluation. If you have a broken hip, pelvis, etc., you're not going to be able to stand on your own. If you have a broken collarbone, you might be able to stand up, but you won’t be able to support yourself on the bars. It sounds weird, but the point is, it’s important to know the extent of your injuries before you try to leave the scene.

Get Out of the Road

We use the term "yard sale" to describe what it looks like after a bike crash. It really looks worse than it is. At the moment, you could still be in the way of traffic. Find a shady spot, have a drink of water and refer to tip #1.


Check Your Bike and Helmet

Did you hit your head? Do you know what day it is? Check your helmet for signs of damage. If you're by yourself and you hit your head, you may not be all there. Call someone to pick you up, don’t mess around. Take your bike into the shop and have a pro check it out.

Call for Help

It’s important to have your cell phone with you when you ride to help someone else or yourself in the event of a crash. There are all sorts of waterproof cases and mounts to hold your phone. Program important emergency contacts into it. Have a copy of your driver’s license or some form of identification in your seat bag, allowing first responders to easily identify you and get you to the right place.


Don't Stress Over Road Rash

Road rash is OK. This means you slid over the pavement and the energy from the crash was dissipated. It could have been a lot worse! We’ve seen people with broken bones with very little road rash. Be thankful if you have road rash.


Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,

Matt & Julie





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