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February's Tech Tip: Maintaining Hydraulic Brakes and Suspension Forks

Maintaining Hydraulic Brakes and Suspension Forks

For a few years now, performance mountain bikes have come with hydraulic brakes and a suspension fork. Sometimes, you might even get a rear shock.

To ensure the lifespan of these parts, they should be maintained on a regular basis. This means flushing out the old brake fluid and changing the oil and seals on the suspension pieces.

Brake fluid absorbs water, and air can leak past the seals, which allows corrosion of the inner parts and results in a spongy feel to the lever. Dirt and water make their way past the seals on the fork and shock, which results in a contamination of the small amount of lubricating oil. This scenario will greatly accelerate wear on the fork legs.

To give an example of maintenance schedules, RockShox recommends the oil to be changed in your fork every 50 hours of riding. Avid recommends bleeding their brakes at least once a year. 

Contact the OYM shop to set up your own schedule, and take care of your bike!

(Thanks to Zach Wolz for these great tips!)

Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,
Matt & Julie 

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