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Ironman Florida

We had the honor of traveling to Ironman Florida this past weekend to cheer on some incredible athletes.

We were blown away by all the friends of OYM who participated!

Congratulations to: 

Chad Goforth
Debby Waddington
Rophe Mason
Crystal Lewis
Shelley Flowers
Krissie Neville
Julie Bishop
Chris Gunn
Karen Paxton
Trish Wegman
Tammi Young
Rafa Lee
Erica Lazarus
Fred Dinger
Tami Young
Lisa Smith
Lisa Reiss
Chris Duc
Carl Zeilman
Alicia Schultz
Cecilio Farines
Jeffrey Litt
Larry Aft
Steven Hoher

... and all the other Ironman Florida Finishers!

You are all CHAMPIONS! 
If we missed anyone, please share pics at #teamOYMbike and #IMFL so we can find your photos!
Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,
Matt & Julie



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