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Meet Zach!

We're psyched to introduce our new full-time OYM employee, Zach Wolz! 

In our April newsletter, we mentioned some "Secret Zach Facts" that you need to know to claim your special in-store offer. 

So, here you go:

1. Mountain or Road? Both!
2. Clips or Cleats? Cleats
3. Boxers or Briefs? Boxers all the way.
4. Pet's name? Hmm there are a whole lot: Duke, Rugby, Lily, Coco, Ninja, Bubba and Valentino
5. Favorite color? OYM Red!
6. Favorite Florida sports team? Team OYM!
7. Training wheels or not? I did have training wheels but I don't recommend them.
8. What is your lovely wife's name? Clare
9. How many bikes do you have? Four
10. Bikes belong in the garage or house? House!
11. Favorite drink? "Beer me!"
12. Hobbies? I'm a dork, I like to work on cars, motorcycles and other stuff like our house, and I like to build stereo speakers

We also asked Zach to tell us a bit more about his love affair with cycling for you guys. He shared this story in his own words:

"I grew up in Kansas City and spent my early summers with the grandparents in Clinton, MO.That is where I had my first real bike. It was a hand-me-down blue 20" Huffy. Sweet bike. I rocked that steed around the neighborhood all day long. I would try just about anything. One time my Grandmother caught a glimpse of all my bruises and thought I was being bullied. Not so! It was from all the jumps where I was trying to outdo the other kids. I remember one time we all thought it would be cool to stand up and pedal with no hands on the bars. At ten we knew no better. I was the only one willing to try it. That was my first case of real road rash. I remember another time my Grandmom pulled around the corner and I told her to see how fast I could go. She drove next me while I sprinted to 20 mph. She was so proud of me!

Next, I took my girl cousin's ten speed and kept racing up and down my street between the top of the hill and a neighbor's driveway. Every time I would turn into their driveway I would lean that bike over more and more until finally the tires gave way. I still remember the amazing feeling of sliding across the ground knowing I pushed to the limit. I showed my skinned knees off at school the next day like honor badges. 

My next bikes were my own creation. I took that ten speed and put a 20" tire on the front just to say I did. I even tried to mount my mom's old vacuum cleaner motor to the frame of my little brother's bike. I tried hard to get it to work but could not get a good way to attach the sprocket. I finally settled on building my older brother's chrome mongoose racing frame with the parts off my old huffy, and I rocked that until I bought my first mountain bike in high school. I rode that for a couple years in a local park but never got "good" and never really had friends that rode. 

After that, I did not ride again until a few years ago when my wife wanted to buy a bike and that got me interested. The UPS driver at my work with whom I share an interest in cars showed me how to ride my new-to-me red Bianchi and referred me to Julie, Matt and OYM." 

So stop by soon and say hey to Zach. He'll take awesome care of you. We're so glad he's part of our OYM family!

Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,

Matt & Julie 

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