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Demo Bikes and Wheels!

Here at On Your Mark, we do our best to inform our customers and give them the most information possible to make the best purchasing decision.  Its near impossible to have every color, size, and model available in stock.  Therefore, we have our coaches, and sales staff hand select the equipment we make available for demo.  

Demo's are available by appointment only.

For wheels, we offer Rolf Prima's Vigor.  Talk about versatile, these wheels will excel in any environment.  Fast rolling wheels could be the best single improvement for your bicycle next to a professional fitting session.  We can slap these on your bike in minutes.

Rolf Prima Vigor

In the complete bike department, we offer the Jamis D29 Pro and the Bianchi Via Nirone Carbon.  

For the discerning road rider there's nothing finer than italian craftsmanship.  You can expect comfort in the saddle all day long with this model, and it shares the same characteristics as the Infinito.  We only have this in a 55cm.

If trails are more your style, perhaps you'd like to see what 29" wheels are all about!  Sure footed yet lightweight, great pricepoint with components found on only the hotest race bikes, the Jamis D29 Pro will impress you.  We have two of these available, one in 15" and another in 17". 

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