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OYM Annual Super Bowl of Chili Ride

Game on! Meet at the shop at 8 a.m. on Super Bowl Sunday for your choice of a 30 or 50 mile club ride.

(A 30 mile, slower-paced, third group option will also be available. Everyone is welcome!)

As soon as folks roll back in, we'll start gearing up for one of our favorite yearly events:

The OYM Super Bowl of Chili Ride Cook-off!

Bring your favorite homemade chili recipe to share with all the fix ins' (or a side dish or a dessert or just a smile).  We'd love to have you join the fun in whatever way works.

Chili is packed with protein and fiber and actually a pretty decent after-ride recovery meal. Depending on how it's prepared, it can even be decently healthy. Watch out for all the sodium, though. 

There's a cool free app for Android and iPhone users called GoMeals that lets you plug in common food brands and restaurants to look at the nutritional content of what you're eating.

Just for fun we looked up a bowl of Wendy's chili as many people are pretty familiar with it. Here's a screen shot of what we found it contains just for a basis of comparison:

Small serving

Large serving

We have no doubt your favorite recipe will be awesome. We can't wait to try it out!

Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,

Matt & Julie




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