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Rolf Vigor: Still unrivaled

Rolf Vigor
Wheel characteristics that were once considered mutually exclusive: aerodynamic, light and stiff - the Vigor brings them all together for a wheel set that’s downright fast. Proven in the wind tunnel, Vigor’s go head to head with many deep carbon wheels while at the same time, they are lighter than most carbon clinchers. Unrivaled.

The Vigor is perfect for anyone who wants the performance of carbon, but at the cost of an alloy clincher. This "do-it-all" wheelset is great for triathlons, road races, criteriums, time trials and group rides.

The Vigor comes in three configurations to suit the riding style of every rider. The Vigor SL features lighter gauge spokes than the standard Vigor for the ultimate in aero performance and lightweight. For rougher riding conditions or heavier riders, the Vigor RS is built with a slightly higher spoke count and stouter rim providing extra durability and stiffness for only 100gms more than the standard Vigor.

Three models to choose from, black or silver, and just 999.00/set.

Increase the Vigor's performance by upgrading to ceramic bearings for only $220 a set.

Vigor models in stock - place your orders kids.

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