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We've discovered a great product that many of our OYM athletes are calling "the best stuff they've ever used."
EnergyLab Nutrition

This small Texas company caters to endurance athletes of all skill levels. They offer a four-part "Endurance Series" of products which we're having great success with here at OYM.

Ignyte is essentially derived from natural green coffee bean extract. Most folks like to take it just before their event to help improve mental focus and to jump-start their muscle endurance.

Execute is taken during the race to increase electrolytes and amino acids with less sugar than other products.

Armor is a low carbohydrate, post-workout recovery formulation designed to help your body bounce back from all kinds of aggravating symptoms such as digestive issues, etc. Low in sugar yet high in electrolytes and amino acids, Armor has been especially beneficial to many of our OYM team members.


Finally, Electrosalt can be taken during or after your workout/event. As this product is not covered in a vegetable coating, it dissolves a third of the time faster than other electrolyte tablets. 
We can't wait for you to tell us what you think of the EnergyLab group of products.

Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,

Matt & Julie


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