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NEW for You in Our Store: Pedal Assist Bikes!

OYM is pleased to offer a super-exciting product for you: Easy Motion Electric Pedal Assist Bikes by BH.

These E-Motion bikes (pictured here are the NEO City and NEO Cross models) are manufactured by one of the oldest and largest bicycle suppliers with over 100 years in the business. The electric components are by Samsung, and the drive and crank components are by Shimano. The bikes come with a five year warranty on the entire bike and a two year warranty on the battery. 

These bikes are "pedal assist" which means that you still do the work, but the bike responds by giving you power on demand. For example, the same effort you spent riding 15 mph on your regular pedal bike is now enhanced by the bike to help you go 20-25 mph with much more of an effortless feel.

The bikes function on a torque-based system. When the chain gets really tight from the pressure you put on the pedals the sensor kicks in which then gives draw on the motor and battery. The bike responds by providing you with just the power you need. If there is no tension on the pedals - like when you are going downhill or with the wind - then no extra power is needed, so it functions just like a regular bike. When riding uphill or into the wind, your Easy Motion bike will give you specifically the assistance you need at the precise moment you need it.

These bikes truly "flatten the earth!"  

Just to clarify, a lot of folks think that pedaling the bike recharges the battery, but that is not actually the case. It is a much more cost-effective design. Simply plug the bike into a regular wall outlet to charge it. Doing so means you ride for less than one cent a mile!

Contact us today to arrange your test ride and learn more.

Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,

Matt & Julie




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