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March's Tech Tip: Inspecting Tire Wear

Inspecting Tire Wear

Making sure you replace your tires before they are worn out will save you from at least a pesky flat or at worst, a blow out.

Rear tires will wear out faster than fronts. When the tread in the center is less than 0.5mm or when you see a significant flat strip of more than 5mm wide, the tire is worn out.

Remember the rubber keeps the pointy stuff out.

(Image from Photobucket)

So if you don't like flats... make sure you do this!

(Image from Schwalbe tires)

Front tires will almost always "age out" before they wear out. This is because the front tire does not have the pedalling force through it. It's best to to deflate the tire and pinch it. Look for cracking in the sidewall. Replace at about a year to a year and a half if you want the tire to grip the road.

You'll also want to look for any cuts in the tread. If the cuts are in the threaded casing then small depths of a couple millimeters are OK, but larger cuts or cuts that go through the first layer of threads are detrimental to the safety of the tire. 

(Special thanks to Zach Wolz for these great tips!) 

Ride by or just bring your tires with you the next time you're coming to see us at OYM. Let us help you professionally evaluate the safety of your treads. You'll save yourself a ton of trouble with some low-cost, easy maintenance. 

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