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Take a Ride on Our Demo Wheels

  Check out these gorgeous wheels!

Pick your favorite set, and we'll pop them right on your own frame. Take them for a spin on your regular ride (or join us on the OYM Shop Ride, Saturday Ride or Club Ride) so you can really get a feel for them. 
Choose from Rolf Prima Ares4, Rolf Prima Vigor, Zipp 404, or Enve SES 3.4 for your test drive. We bet you'll get hooked so we've sweetened the deal:
Order any brand-new set of our featured demo wheels, and we'll throw in a tires and tubes for FREE! We're thankful for your business, and we want to show it...
And speaking of Thanksgiving, don't forget to join us for our annual  Matt & Julie's Turkey Day Gobble Gobble Ride (AKA "The Turkey Day Metric") - Thanksgiving Morning, Thursday, November 28th at 7 AM!
Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease,
Matt & Julie

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