White Industries Square Taper ENO 1X TSR Chainrings

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TSR (Tall-Short-Ring) 1X chainrings are designed to work with all modern 10/11/12 speed 1X drivetrain systems.  The tall/short tooth profile helps prevent the chain from falling off the ring when riding through rough terrain and is a must on 1x drivetrains but is also compatible with singlespeed drivetrains. Made in our shop from U.S. sourced 7075-T6 aluminum (48 tooth ring is 6061-T6).

  • Square Taper ENO TSR chainrings fit White Industries ENO and VBC cranks only

  • Works with SRAM 10/11/12 speed and 12 speed flat-top chains

  • Works with Shimano 10/11/12 speed chains

  • Works with singlespeed 3/32” and ⅛” chains

  • Available in silver and black

  • From 28 teeth to 48 teeth in 2 tooth increments

  • Not available in a Boost version

  • Chainlines:

Square taper spindle length

 (ENO/VBC cranks)