Indoor Cycling Training

We have established an indoor training studio with a state of the art Racermate Computrainer. The Computrainer combines state of the art technology with 3D interactive graphics to create a realistic indoor training experience which is safe, goal specific and time efficient. Our athletes are experiencing increases in cycling power up to 30% and speeds up to 3 miles per hour. Whatever your starting point, you'll move up in the rankings. It is equally important to note that the Computrainer helps to eliminate the boredom of indoor bike training.  This is not "spin class" on a spin bike, this is riding your own bike on real courses with realistic elevations.  There's no comparison.

The ideal way to experience OYM's Indoor Cycling Lab is to book an appointment for a 1hr session.

Our Indoor Cycling Lab can be booked for: 

1 on 1 Coached Sessions - with an experienced OYM coach.  

Individual Goal Motivated Sessions: 

- Course Specific Training – a library of popular triathlon and road courses are available for you to experience as a part of your training. You can even ride part, or all, of the Hawaii Ironman course without leaving South Florida! 

- Specialized Training – practice the aspects of your cycling that challenge you the most e.g., hill climbing, time trailing or sprinting. 

- Triathlon Transition Training – come and do a session (maybe a specific course) and then run off the bike. 

Group Training – We can re-create specific courses (i.e Sugarloaf, Vegas Gran Fondo, etc) to build group morale or alleviate anxiety. Perfect for club/team training/racing and social events. 

Bike Fitting - We can conduct power studies, or use the Spin Scan feature to analyze your pedal stroke. 


Call 561-842-2453 for further details on these sessions.

What you need to bring:

  • Enthusiasm!
  • Towel - you will sweat a lot!
  • Water bottle - you'll get very thirsty!
  • A trainer-specific rear quick release skewer. We have these available for purchase if you do not have one. These skewers are heavy duty steel and will not be damaged by the trainer clamps.
  • A cadence magnet - this records your pedal revolutions. We have these available for purchase as well.
  • (Optional) Heart Rate Strap/Monitor - The Computrainer system is designed to sync with Coded Polar heart rate straps and your heart rate will display on the video screen. Even if your HRM is not a Polar, feel free to bring it and use it.
  • (Optional) Rear wheel equipped with a trainer tire, so that you don't ruin your nice Michelin or Continental tires.
  • $25 for Drop In Session
  • $50 for Functional Threshold Power Testing
  • $220 for an 8 Week Power Development Program, includes 2 FTP tests.
  • $Varies for One on One Training